Agility News 2022

Agility Worldchampionship 2022 with 7 Summergarden's

_ Thomas Berger with Quite perfect Noobs of Summergarden  for Austria

_ Dalma Naggyör with Rolex in blue of Summergarden for Hungary

_ Sandra Inglin with Your Story of Summergarden for Switzerland

_ Katrina Hands with Set the Pace of Summergarden for United Kingdom

_ Tamara Sedlmaier with Limited Edition Ash of Summergarden for Austria

_ Pavol Vakonic with Siri Sireal of Summergarden for Slovakia

_ Pavol Vakonic with Meryl Marion of Summergarden for Slovakia

Agility News 2020/2019

Austrian National Championship 2020


Uncle "You" and his amazing niece "Noobsi" ♥


Noobsi became Austrian National Champion in Small and You got 3rd place in medium because of a bar in the jumping course. Noobsi with Thomas, You with me and also Roxanne with Anna and Sugar with Sarah showed amazing and super fast performances couldn't be prouder of you guys and our amazing doggies.


Swiss Agility Cup 2020 - Fräschels (Ch)

Can't be prouder of our dog's...

Zazou ♥ You ♥ Twain ♥ Tom Turbo ♥


Zazou & Sandra: won the semi-finals and reached many good podium placements

You & me: won the overall qualification and the final ♥ proud of my boy

Twain & Stefan: were so close to the final qualification and showed some great runs 

Tommy & Martin: were so close to a clean run, they gained a lot of experience as a team

World Championship 2019 - Finnland

Starter aus dem Summergarden  / Competitor's from Summergarden:

_Limited Edition Ash of Summergarden "You" & Tamara Sedlmaier (AUT)

My best little companion reached the 3rd place overall in medium ♥

_Nightingale of Summergarden "Zazou" & Sandra Kaiser (CH)

_Meryl Marion of Summergarden "Meryl" & Pavol Vakonic (SK)

2nd place individual agility small ♥

_Happy Hour of Summergarden "Miya" & Sandi Okanovic (SLO)

_Rolex in blue of Summergarden "Welle" & Dalma Naggyör (HU)

_Quite Perfect Noobs of Summergarden & Thomas Berger (AUT) was also qualified,

but for professional reasons, participation wasn't possible

Amadeus Agility World Cup 2019

Noobsi and Thomas did it again ♥♥♥ Winner in category small like the year before

Huge congratulations!!!! We are sooo proud!

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